2019   A Talk with Hank Bull on my work at Franc Gallery, in connection to exhibition: “Alleyways”

2017   Gave talk at Vancouver Art Gallery in connection to “Ambiguous Pleasures” exhibition

2016   Discussed my work in a talk at Franc Gallery, Vancouver, “Glenn Lewis – Form Being Foreseen, Pots of Place”,

2014   Performance with 8 volunteers, The New York Corres Sponge Dance School Swim Event with the Shark Fin Bathing Caps, Hart House Pool, Toronto

2015   Participated with others in discussion of my work at the Wakayama Museum, Tokyo

2015   Ceramic residency at the Togei Center, Bizen, Japan (3 months)

2014   Artist-in-Residence at the Center for Ceramic Studies, Shigaraki, Japan (3 months)

2014   He did a lecture with Luis Jacob at the Stedelijk Museum and a performance with 8 swimmers using the Shark Fin Bathing Caps at Mirandabaad, Amsterdam (in connection with exhibition at the Kunstverein Amsterdam).

2014   Artist-in-Residence in Ceramics at Comosun College, Victoria, BC

2013   Artist-in-Residence at Leach Pottery and Museum, 2 weeks, St. Ives, Cornwall

2013   Presented poems and slides of Song Bowls for East Hastings Street in David Wisdom’s “Slide Show” event at Vancouver Art Gallery

2013   Participated on panel discussion with Michael Decourcy and Grant Arnold on “Background Vancouver” in exhibition “Background/This Place/Vancouver”,

Grunt Gallery, May 14

2012   Gave presentation on panel The West Coast and Conceptualism: Performance Art, in relation to exhibition “Traffic”, VAG

2011   Presented illustrated lecture “Fifty Years in Fifty Minutes” at Vancouver Art Gallery, including digital photos and video

2011   Background Vancouver from 1972 re-presents artist’s views of Vancouver on Michael De Courcy website,

2010   Performed 1968 work “400 Yards of Paper in a Square” at Spanish Banks, Vancouver, an event during solo show, “Flakey”, Presentation House, N. Vancouver

2010 Performed “Kim Chi”, opening performance at my exhibition, Flakey, Presentation House Gallery, N. Vancouver, brochure, eBook catalogue 2011

2010   Conceived, curated and performed in “Procession of Performing Circles”, a large event, part of “Bright Light”, a coalition of 14 arts organizations doing events in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, funded by the City of Vancouver, brochure

  • Performance residency and performed 3 part work, “A Sweeping Statement”, at 7a11d International Performance Festival, Toronto, catalogue

2007   Panel member, “History Panel: Vancouver Performance Art History”, part of LIVE 2007 Performance Art Biennale, Emily Carr Institute

2007 Performed “Toulouse Lautrec” at gala event for LIVE 2007 Performance Art Biennale, Vancouver

2007 Video screening, “The New York Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver at the Blue Horizons”, part of “Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Aug. 25, catalogue

2007 Performed on the street in Aix-en-Provence, France, dressed as Cézanne, washing his hands in the 27 fountains of Aix, “I Won’t Take Your Hand Monsieur Manet, I Haven’t Washed in Eight Days”

2001   Performance, “Mondo Artie #6070”, opening performance of “Vancouver Performance Art Biennial”, organized by grunt gallery, a performance about the history of performance in Vancouver in the 60’s and 70’s, 18 performers, Vancouver Art Gallery

1999 Film screening/Performance, “Forest Industry” film, part of “Making it New”, Art Gallery of Windsor

1999 “Japanese Pickle”, video/performance, 1969, part of “Reinventing the Diva – Spotlight on the Western Front”, Images Film & Video Festival, Toronto

1993 “F. Scott Fitzgerald Tea Reunion”, performance during solo exhibition, Burnaby Art Gallery

1993 Artist in residence, Western Front Media Arts, Vancouver. Worked on computer graphics to photographic output

1992 Designed wildlife garden on Manitoba St. for Vancouver Parks Board, but design not used.

1991   Performed in video, “Legal Memory” by Lisa Steele & Kim Tomczak

1985 Performed in “Corpus Colossus”, Canadian Shadow Players at Muestra Internacional de Teatro, Valladolid, Spain; Riviera Remont Theatre, Warsaw; Mucsarnok Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest; Kijkhuis, Den Haag; Holland Festival, Belview Theatre, Amsterdam; Western Front, Vancouver

1984 Panel member on “Regionalism and Internationalism” at the “Warehouse Show”, Vancouver

1983 Co-production of video tape with Canadian Shadow Players, “Canadian Shadows”, Western Front Video, Vancouver

1983 Performed in “Akanada”, Canadian Shadow Players, “Okanada” exhibition, Academie der Kunste, Berlin;Galerie St.Barbara, Hall, Austria; Humi Gumi, Lienz, Austria; Music Gallery, Toronto; National Gallery, Ottawa; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Catalogue

1982 Performed in “Akanada”, Canadian Shadow Players, Western Front, Vancouver

1980 Performed as one of the judges in Anna Banana’s “Banana Olympics”, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, B.C.

1980 Performed in Eric Metcalfe’s video production, “Crime Time Comix”

1979 Performed in Hank Bull’s production, “Saint Ayatolla”, Robson Square Media Centre, Vancouver

  • Video screening, “We All Sing the Same Song”, Video Free America, San Francisco

1978 Performed in “Visa Vis”, Canadian Shadow Players, Open Space, Victoria; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Carleton University, Ottawa; Art Gallery of Greater Hamilton, Hamilton, Ont.; Western Front, Vancouver

1978 Produced video, “We All Sing the Same Song”, Western Front Video Production

1978 Video screening, “We All Sing the Same Song” at the “Video Open”, Artons, Calgary

1978 Performed in “Visa Vis”, Canadian Shadow Players, Music Gallery, Toronto; Vehicule, Montreal

1977 Performance, “Three Pygmy Arias”, Pumps, Vancouver

1976 Performed in cast of radio play, “Habitart or How to Live With Your Just Desserts”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1975 Performed in cast of radio play, “Murder in the Fog”, A Space, Toronto

1975 Reading from “Mondo Artie” scripts, A Space, Toronto

1975 Performed in Dana Atchley’s “Ace Space Show”, Western Front, Vancouver

1975 Performed in cast of radio play, “A Bite Tonight”, Western Front, Vancouver

1975 Performed in cast of “Amy Vanderbilt Valentine Debutant Ball”, Western Front, Vancouver

1974 Performed in cast of radio play, A Clear Cut Case”, Western Front, Vancouver

1974 Performed in band for Mr. Peanut’s campaign for Mayor of Vancouver

1974 Performed in cast of radio play at “Video BAG Show”, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.

1974 Performance, “Chinese Rice Garden”, A Space, Toronto. Video document

1974 Performance, “Hitler” at opening of Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

1974 Performance and organizer, B.C. Open Art Race”, part of C.B.C.T.V. “Access Series”, shown nationally

1974 Performance, “Hitler” for “Towers Beach Show”, U.B.C. Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver

1974 Performed as Hitler in Dana Atchley’s “Ace Space Show”, Western Front, Vancouver

1973   Wrote and performed as butler in F Scott Fitzgerald Tea

1973 Performed as one of the M.C.’s, “Hollywood Decca Dance and Art’s Birthday”, Elks Building, Los Angeles. Produced by Image Bank, General Idea, Lowell Darling, Willoughby Sharp and others Script, video, film

1973 Performed with Western Front group for Vancouver Art Gallery’s “Pacific Vibrations”, Western Front, Vancouver

1973 Performed in Evelyn Roth’s “Black and White Tennis”, Vancouver Art Gallery’s “Pacific Vibrations”

1973 Performed in “German T.V. Dinner” for German T.V. network directed by Dr. W. von Bonin, Western Front, Vancouver

1972 – 73 Weekly swimming meetings of the New York Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver wearing shark fin bathing caps at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre

1970 – 72 Participated in international correspondence art activity with Image Bank, New York Correspondence School (Ray Johnson), Chicken Bank, Bum Bank, Fanzini, General Idea, Fat City School of Finds Arts, Dadaland, Max Ernst Fan Club, Ant Farm, N.W. Mounted Valise, Ace Space Co. and many others

1972 Event, “N.Y. Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver Food Meeting”, Food Restaurant, New York City

1972 Performance, “Forest Industry” film, part of Vancouver – Halifax Exchange, Nova Scotia College of Art, Halifax, co-ordinator of Vancouver contribution

1971 Performance, “A Performance (Donut Holes)”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1971 Film screening, “Forest Industry”, Millenium, New York City

1970   Film performance/screening, “Forest Industry”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1970 Performance, “Taping of the International Art Critics”, Vancouver Art Gallery. Co-op work with Michael Morris

1970 Performance of “4 Intersections” films. Also co-ordinator, “Intermedia Dome Exhibition and Nine Evenings of Performances”,Vancouver Art Gallery

1970 Performance, “Simulation for New York City, Canadian Pacific”, Loeb Student Centre, New York University

1970 Performance, “Taping Pieces”, on the street, New Westminster

1970 Performance, “Simulation for Vancouver”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1969 Installation/Performance, “Ribbon Run”, 300 ft blue tape throughout Gallery, leading to a room divided by the blue tape, one half covered with white stucco, at Intermedia Exhibition, “Electrial Connection”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1969 Performance, “Rice Krispee Piece”, Arts Club, Vancouver

1969 Performance, “400 Yards of Burned Paper in a Square”, University of Calgary campus

  • Video performance, “Japanese Pickled Cabbage” at New Era Social Club, one of the first-ever video performance works.

1969 Performance, “Canadian Pacific”, Vancouver Art Gallery; Mills College, Oakland; Old Music Conservatory, Los Angeles. Tour with Yvonne Rainer

1969 Performance, “Canadian Pacific” in “Intermedia Exhibition – Electrical Connection”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1969 Performance, “Rice Krispie Piece” and “Cards on the Floor”, Festival of the Arts, U.B.C., Vancouver

1968   Performance, “Rice krispie Piece”, Intermedia event, Beatty St., Vancouver

1968 Performance, “Flour Piece”, Deborah Hay workshop, Vancouver Art Gallery