Group of Gnomies, 2016 | Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver


2018 “Reunion: Potters From The Time Of Bernard Leach”, showed 11 works (pots with photos), Leach Pottery Museum, St Ives, Cornwall

2017 “Nature’s Way”, exhibited 3 works (pots with photos of Storm Bay), Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto

2017 “AlterNation”, an exhibition from the permanent collection, marking the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, Kamloops Art Gallery

2017 “#GGArts 2017”, Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts Exhibition, Winnipeg Art Gallery

2016-17 “Vancouver Special: Ambiguous Pleasures”, exhibited 9 works (ceramics and photographs from 2015 Franc Gallery exhibition

2016-17 “Kitchen Midden”, An exhibition of Vancouver artists’ collections, curated by Gareth Moore and Anne Low, Griffin Gallery, N. Vancouver

2015 exhibition of same artists’ work who were part of the book, a reprint of B.C. Almanac(h)C-B, Lewis exhibited a photograph of an early collage work,
Presentation House, North Vancouver

2015 “from the collection: The Poetics of Space”, showing of video Blue Tape Around City Block, 1969, Vancouver Art Gallery

2014 “Get Hold of This Space
: A Geography of Conceptual Art in Canada”, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris. A selection from “Continental Drift” 2013

2013-14 “Archiving”, 5 works shown, Trench Gallery, Vancouver

2013 “Special Collection Acquisitions and Archives”, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, UBC, Vancouver, catalogue

2013 “Background/ThisPlace/Vancouver”, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver

2013 “Full Frontal”, texts and photographs of ‘Artifact’, Satellite Gallery, Vancouver

2013 “Continental Drift”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany, a selection from “Traffic – Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980” exhibition (see 2010-
2012 details below)

2012- 2013 “Wild New Territories” project, exhibited video and photographs, London, Vancouver, Berlin

2012 “Immaterial; Pictorial Sensibility”, 8-person exhibition, showed 12 serigraphs ‘Sponge Step Alphabet”, 1387 Richards St., Vancouver

2012 “Again and Again and Again…Repetitive Actions and Serial Formats”, Artifact” ceramic mural from 1969, Vancouver Art Gallery

2011 “We Give a Shit Because We Care”, showed “No Shit” photo collage with text, book produced under same name, Unit Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

2011 “Mobilicity”, exhibited a series of small box sculptures, Trench Gallery, Vancouver

2011 “from the collection Unreal”, showed 3 sculptures from 1968, Vancouver Art Gallery

2010 “Recipes for an Encounter”, exhibited, “Japanese Pickle”, 1969 video, Dorsky Gallery / Curatorial Programs, Long Island City, NY, curators: Berin Golonu & Candice Hopkins, small catalogue

2010 -2012 “Traffic – Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980”, exhibited film installations (on DVD) “Blue Tape Around a City Block” 1969, and “Forest Industry” 1970, organized by Barbara Fischer, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, Toronto, opening at University and Public Galleries, Toronto in Sept/2010, traveling to Halifax, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Leornard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

2010 “to show, to give, to make it be there Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver: 1954 -1969”, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, curator, Michael Turner, small catalogue

2009 “Ruins in Process”, A website as exhibition on the art in Vancouver during the 60’s and 70’s, a collaborative project from the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, UBC and Grunt Gallery, Vancouver

2007 Exhibition, “The Performed Object: Against a Pathetic Fallacy”, part of LIVE 2007 Performance Art Biennale

2005-06 Exhibition: “Intertidal Vancouver Art & Artists”, main exhibition of new work by Vancouver artists, and a historical archive exhibition with another group of Vancouver artists, including Lewis’ “Blue Tape Around a City Block”, 1968, 16mm film on DVD, MuHKA Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, Belgium,
curators: Dieter Roelstrete and Scott Watson, catalogue, pp205

2004 “Thrown: Influences and Intentions of West Coast Ceramics”, a large historical exhibition regarding the influence of Leach with over 600 works from about 14 artists, Selected by Matthew Higgs as one of the Top 10 shows of 2004 (Artforum International), Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, UBC, Vancouver. Book, 304pp, ed. Scott Watson, Thrown: British Columbia’s Apprentices of “Making Art Ordinary” and photographs

2004 Video exhibition, “Eternal Network – Videos From the Western Front Archives 1973 – 2001”, to be screened at Videographe, Montreal; Pool, Winnipeg; Western Front, Vancouver and at a number of locations internationally, G. Lewis tape “New York Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver at the Blue Horizon” was and Japanese

‘Test Kitchen’, showed video tape “Chinese Rice Garden”, Belkin Satellite, Vancouver

2002 “New Media, Vancouver Art from the Sixties and Seventies”, Gallery at Ceperley House, City of Burnaby. Curated exhibition

2001 Designed a playing card for grunt gallery, Vancouver, fund-raising project, “Playing With a Full deck”

2000 Showed a photo of Marilyn Monroe in exhibition, ‘Canoes: The Shape of Success’, National Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa

2000 ‘The Problem of Nature’, in exhibition, ‘Utopiary’, Burnaby Art Gallery

1999 – 2000 Designed a set of plates for the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, exhibited on Robson St. and Canadian Craft Museum

1999 “Out of This Century”, Sixties Section, curated by Douglas Coupland, Vancouver Art Gallery

1999 “Making it New, The Big Sixties Show”, Glenbow Museum, Calgary; Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, catalogue, showed live cow

1999 “Last Tangle in Paris” mailing invitation for “Canada Trajectoires” 1973 included in Ray Johnson exhibition, curated by Michael Morris and Sharla Sava, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, U.B.C., Vancouver

1998 “Home Base”, Kamloops Art Gallery

1997 “From the Collection: Gardens”, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography

1996 “Transient Moments: Vancouver and the Performance Photograph, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, lent photographs

1996 “The Culture of Nature”, Kamloops Art Gallery, exhibited photographs of Marilyn Monroe

1996 Exhibition of recent acquisitions, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, U.B.C., Vancouver, exhibited print “Tying up the Critics”, 1972

1996 An exhibition of ceramics from the Canada Council Art Bank, City of Ottawa Karsh-Masson Gallery, included a sculpture

1995 “Managing: documents 1967-1974″, Art Metropole, Toronto

1995 ‘World Tea Party”, curated by Brian Mulvihill, Daniel Dion and Su Schnee, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, contributed objects to exhibition

1995 “Vancouver 1965-1975: Context and Influences”, Vancouver Art Gallery, included 3 sculptures

1995 “The Intermedia Society”, an exhibition at Art Metropole, Toronto

1994 “64 – 94 Contemporary Decades”, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, inaugural exhibition celebrating opening of new facilities. Catalogue

1993 Group exhibition, Prior Editions, Vancouver. Exhibited edition of 6 Marilyn Monroe photographs published by Prior Editions. Also shown at Los Angeles Art Fair and Seattle Art Fair

1993 “Vancouver Drawing: Working Documents”, Artspeak, Vancouver. Exhibited 2 collaborations with Zainub Verjee and Brice MacNeil

1993 “50/50”, a benefit exhibition sale, Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

1992 “The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop”, an exhibition of the prints produced at the Screen Shop in Winnipeg run by Bill Lobchuck from 1968 to 1987, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina. Catalogue

1991 “Private Addresses”, on-site exhibition of installations at various locations in Vancouver, Lewis produced “Application of Development”. A butterfly garden with a ‘development’ sign, Association of Noncommercial Culture

1987 “From Sea to Shining Sea”, Power Plant, Harbourfront Toronto. Exhibited large marble sculpture ‘Classical Toy Boat’. Catalogue (Edited B.C. section)

1987 “The Influence of Bernard Leach”, Pro Art, St. Louis, Mo. Catalogue

1986 “Dog Days”, Pitt International Gallery, Vancouver

1986 “Making History – Recent Art of the Pacific West”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1983 “Western Front Archaeology”, Western Front, Vancouver

1983 “Museums by Artists”, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Musee d’art contemporain, Montreal. Book

1983 “Art in Vancouver 1931 – 1983”, Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

1983 “October Show”, wharehouse on Hamilton St., Vancouver. Catalogue

1983 “The Growth Years”, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr College of Art, Vancouver

1983 “New Works in Holography”, A Space, Toronto

1983 “The Great Western Canadian Screen Shop – A Fifteen Year Survey 1968 – 1983”, Gallery 1.1.1., School of Art, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

1983 Photographic works, Shell Gallery, Calgary

1983 “Western Front Exhibition”, Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart

1983 “Artworks in the Gardens”, “Four Direction to Locate the Centre”, Royal Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery of Greater Hamilton

1982 “True Dough Rococco”, London Art Gallery, London, ON

1981 “Paper Works”, Robson Square Media Centre, Vancouver

1981 Garden Photographs and texts, International Federation of Landscape Architects congress, U.B.C., Vancouver

1980 – 1983 “Paradise/Le Paradis”, Photo Gallery, National Film Board, Ottawa; Art Gallery of Peterborough; Canada House Gallery, London, England; Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, N.B.; Mount St.Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax; Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris. Catalogue

1980 International Mail Art Exhibition, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia

1980 Video screening of “We All Sing the Same Song” in exhibition of Canadian video tapes, Sony Tower Building, Osaka; Zebra House, Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan

1980 33 prints, “Survival Paradise” in international exhibition, “Architectural References”, Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

1980 Installation “Pairidaeza” in international exhibition, “Yesterday and After / Hier et Apres”, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Catalogue

1979 – 1981 “Art and Correspondence from the Western Front”, Vehicule, Montreal; Confereration Art Centre, Charlottetown; Dalhousie University Art Gallery,
Halifax; A Space Gallery, Toronto; Art Gallery of Greater Hamilton; Nickel Art Museum, Calgary; Open Space Gallery, Victoria. Catalogue

1979 Video screening, “We All Sing the Same Song”, Video Free America, San Francisco

1979 Rubber Stamp Exhibition, Apropos Gallery, Luzen, Switzerland

1979 International Postal Art Exhibition, Center/Gallery, Chapel Hill, N.C., U.S.A.

1979 Mail art exhibition and book, Studio 46 Piergiorgio Firinu, Torino, Italy

1978 – 1979 “Other Realities – The Legacy of Surrealism in Canadian Art”, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queens University, Kingston, Ont.; Canada House Gallery, London, England; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France.

1978 Video screening of “We All Sing the Same Song”, Fifth Network Video Conference, Toronto

1978 Malaspina Print Exhibition, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

1978 “The Human Image”, The Artist’s Gallery, Vancouver 1978 Video screening of “We All Sing the Same Song” at “Input, First International Public Television Screening Conference”, Milan, Italy

1978 “Rolling Landscape Show”, T.T.C. Subway car no. 5780, Nightingale Arts Council, Toronto

1977 Western Front group show, Open Space, Victoria

1977 Western Front/Pumps exchange exhibition, Pumps, Vancouver

1977 Vancouver Art Gallery Extension Dept. B.C. travelling exhibition from the civic collection

1976 “West Coast Waves”, Winnipeg Art Gallery

1976 “Celebration of the Body”, organized by the N.E. Thing Co., Agnes Ethrington Art Centre, Kingston, ON

1976 “The Last Correspondence Show”. California State University Art Dept., Sacramento, CA

1976 “Canadada Postcards”, University of Manitoba Gallery, Winnipeg

1976 “Bated Breath”, Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver.

1976 “International Postcard Show”, Arizona State University Art Dept. Gallery, Tempe, Arizona

1975 “B.C. Sculptors”, Vancouver Art Gallery travelling exhibition

1975 “A Pictorial History of the World”, Kemper Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute

1975 “Current Energies – British Columbia 75”, Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal

1975 “Chairs”, Art Gallery of Ontario

1974 “Open Encounter on Video”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England and Place Cardin, Paris

1974 Image Bank postcard show, and/or Gallery, Seattle

1974 “Project 74”, Kolnischer Kunstverein, Koln, Germany. Video screening of “Hollywood Decca Dance”

1974 “Artists of the Stamps”, Simon Fraser University Art Gallery, Vancouver

1974 “Background Vancouver”, collaborative photographic project with Gerry Gilbert Taki Bluesinger, Michael de Courcy and Glenn Lewis 10’ x 13’ mural on mapping Vancouver with 260 photos, taken 1972, Vancouver Art Gallery

1974 “Surfacing on the Subliminal”, Western Front, Vancouver. Exhibition of material from Hollywood Decca Dance

1973 “Traces”, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.

1973 “Canada Trajectoires 73”, Musee moderne de la ville de Paris, Paris, France. Exhibited N.Y. Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver material from correspondence art event. Catalogue

1972 “Art Probe”, Vancouver Art Gallery. Exhibited books of material from New Era Social Club

1971 “Image Bank Postcard Show”, Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver. One card and two others in collaboration with Michael Morris.

1970 “B.C. Almanack”, National Film Board, Ottawa. Book

1970 “Realisms”, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (collaboration with Michael Morris). Exhibited live cow

1970 “Art in the Mind”, Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio

1970 “Intermedia Exhibition and 9 Evenings of Performances”, Vancouver Art Gallery.

1969 “Intermedia Sculpture Exhibition”, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

1969 “New Art of Vancouver 1969”, Newport Harbor Art Museum, Balboa, California; Art Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara. Catalogue

1969 “Intermedia Exhibition – Electrical Connection”, Vancouver Art Gallery. Catalogue

1969 “Six Man Show”, Douglas Gallery, Vancouver

1969 “Across the Border”, Henry Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle

1968 “Younger Vancouver Sculptors”, Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver

1968 “Younger Vancouver Cross Section 68”, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Catalogue

1968 “Winnipeg Annual”, Winnipeg Art Gallery

1968 “Canadian Artists 68”, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Catalogue

1968 “Spectrum 68”, Vancouver Art Gallery.

1967 “B.C. 67”, Vancouver Art Gallery

1967 “Vancouver 5”, Isaacs Gallery, Toronto.

1967 “Perspective 67”, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1967 “Joy and Celebration”, Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver. Catalogue

1967 “Birth and Rebirth of Objects”, Fine Arts Gallery, University of B.C., Vancouver

1967 “Canadian Fine Crafts” Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67, Montreal. Catalogue

1966 – 67 “Crafts”, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa